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About aLOTTa Therapy LLC

aLOTTa Therapy is owned by therapists. Our outpatient clinic serves the Lafayette and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide privatized rehabilitation therapy to the community with individualized Physical, Occupational, and Speech Language Pathology services to optimize cognitive, sensory, and physical activities of daily living.


We as owner’s, and working therapists, have delivered quality therapy to our patients in the hospitals, home, extended care facilities, and outpatient setting for years. We have directed, and managed the growth of other companies programs very successfully. Our dedication to our profession, and the outcomes we expect for our patients, have proved to us that a unique setting for all therapies are required. Together we envisioned a setting that delivers quality therapy in a private area. Our clinic is operated from a dignity and individualized treatment paradigm. The outpatient is greeted by the therapist, escorted to a private room where the therapist conducts the evaluation, devises individualized treatment plans, and the therapist completes all of the treatments, not an assistant.


The expertise of the Physical, Occupational, or Speech Language Pathologist guarantees on-going evaluation with each session and promotes positive clinical outcomes. The private treatment room generates an atmosphere of comfort and decreases performance anxiety. This environment allocates privacy to discuss medical diagnosis, especially those personal issues such as: incontinence or wound care. Private treatment does not mean you are charged more, it means a one-on-one therapy session. Presently all other therapy companies conduct therapy treatments in an open forum. Patients can hear and observe others being treated. As therapists’ we can appreciate the need for privacy, and we understand the reasons many pathologies goes untreated. We knew as passionate health-care providers that pediatrics to geriatrics deserved better quality therapy. We have, and will continue to inform pediatricians, general practitioners, and specialists the importance of private therapy sessions. Please call us today so that we can help you, or your loved ones with any questions you may have about therapy.